25th Anniversary Celebration! (Part 2)


25th Anniversary Celebration! (Part 1)

On November 9th, the Sisters celebrated their 25th anniversary of mission in Cambodia! In 1997, Sr. Lakana, from Thailand, was the first Sister sent to serve the poor youth of Cambodia. Sr. Teresita, from Colombia, joined Sr. Lakana a couple of days later. Sr. Malen, from the Philippines, arrived in Cambodia a month later. The Salesian Sisters started as one small community in Cambodia. Now in 2017, the Sisters have four different communities and run schools in each community to educate the Khmer youth!

The celebration of the 25th anniversary was wonderful. Bishop Olivier, the Bishop of all Cambodia, celebrated the Mass. After the Mass, students and staff from the four schools in Cambodia performed dances and songs in a program. I was asked to be the co-MC of the program with Siphon, an Elementary teacher. Siphon explained the program in Khmer, and I explained the program in English. I was a little nervous as this was my first time as an MC, and I had to speak in front of around 1,000 people. However, everything went well! The most exciting part about being an MC was that one of the other teachers let me borrow her Khmer dress for the occasion!

Bon Om Touk (Water Festival) Days 2 and 3

Bon Om Touk (Water Festival) Day 1

One of the most important holidays in Cambodia is Bon Om Touk or Water Festival. The Water Festival marks the reversal of the flow of the Tonle Sap River, which signifies the end of the monsoon (rainy) season. The Water Festival commemorates three important things. First, it commemorates the naval war with the neighboring Cham people from 1177-1181 AD. Preah Bath Jayavarman VII was King of Cambodia at this time and led the Khmer people to victory. Second, Water Festival commemorates the annual tradition of the navy to demonstrate their skills during boat races on the Tonle Sap River. Third, it commemorates the abundant harvest after the rainy season. During rainy season, the rivers and lakes flood and provide fertile farmland for the Khmer people to grow crops, particularly rice. The Water Festival is held on the full moon in November which coincides with the end of rainy season.

Three traditions during Water Festival:

  1. Boat racing on the Tonle Sap River. The boats are manned by anywhere from thirty to eighty men and women. Boat teams come from provinces all over Cambodia.
  2. The Ceremony of Bondet Protib (Illuminated floats) – At night, illuminated boats float down the Tonle Sap River under a long firework display. Each boat represents a different government ministry or state instituion.
  3.  The Ceremony of Sampeah Preah Khe and Auk Ambok – Sampeah Preah Khe means the salutation of the moon. Auk Ambok is a holiday dish of banana, coconut, and ambok (fried and flattened rice), which is eaten at midnight during the moon salutation.


Celebrations, Food, and Fun!

Photos taken of celebrations, food and fun! Celebrations: World Mission Sunday, Halloween, and All Saints Day. Food: Chipati, noodles with chicken, steamed pork dumplings, and chicken n’ waffles. Fun: Grading my students’ quizzes (a little fun), a leadership training in Toul Kork with eleven of my students, and a trip to Toul Tom Poung Market (otherwise known as the Russian market).